Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Have I told you how antiquated the wedding industry is?  Because it is!

I'm 23 years-old.  I was raised in the information age.  I have no patience when it comes to business.  If a business doesn't have the information I want now, I look elsewhere and they lost a customer.  I have found it very frustrating to deal with wedding vendors.  Perhaps it is because they know that answering my phone call won't make them money today, so they don't answer.  I don't know.  But it makes me mad!

So here is the complaint.  Wedding industry people either don't have a website at all or have really crappy ones.  I'm searching for a bakery because I'm new to this town and I don't know which one's are reputable.  I look online.  Few have websites.  The ones that do have websites don't have pricing or cake options for wedding cakes ("wedding cakes individually priced").  I don't have time to go to 5 bakeries and get the best cake with the best price!  So when I do call, no one can give me any info and I have to call their specialist.  Their specialist is out of town and will call me back in a few days.  Then when they do call I have to set up an appointment a few days later.  I just wasted over a week talking to one bakery.  What if I don't want them in the end?  I want to call someone and get answers immediately.... or better yet look it up on my iphone.  

It's not just the bakery.  I have had to wait days for photographers to contact me and reception/ceremony site vendors.  How can a business operate in such a poor manner?  Who is giving them business?  Can they do it because everyone else does?  That's not a good enough reason.

I just find this whole wedding business very frustrating at times.

But I love this man and I can't wait to marry him, so I better suck it up.


  1. I'm assuming you're getting married in STL? I can get the name of our cake lady from my Mom - she was awesome!

  2. It's because they don't have "repeat customers" so they don't really care about customer service. Try They don't have pricing online, but they have a pretty cute website, they're delicious and they are a smaller, newer shop who would probably give you better service.

  3. we got our cake from Lubeleys...

    and the cake was really good and i think reasonably priced.

    website not the best, but at least there is one ;)