Friday, March 12, 2010

Weddings are all about love.

Well, I've been looking online at dresses for the past few months.  (I still haven't dared to try any on)  I have fallen in love with one.  I looked up the closest retailer and it is in Lebanon, MO.

When do you get to the point where it is okay to drive over 5 hours in one day to try on one dress?  Because I might be there.

The funny thing is that I've "fallen in love with a dress" at all.  I did my internship at a bridal shop.  Ever since then I've always told people that wedding dresses are over rated and usually consultants talk you into buying their favorite dress.  (That's what I did!) I also always thought that I didn't have the personality of someone who would look at a pile of fabric and think, "That's the one!"  I never felt that way when looking at prom dresses.  I usually just found a dress that worked for the time.  But I've really fallen for this dress!
I really want to show everyone too, but I have to leave a little bit of mystery!

PS.  I got a cake.


  1. Let's go! Wedding dresses are so worth 5 hour drives!