Friday, May 28, 2010

If only I had neices....

I went to a friend's baby shower last week.  She is having a girl!  Everyone in my life for the past 5 years has had boys.  So for boys I can only crochet so much; an animal here and a blanket there.  I always thought if I knew someone with a girl I would sew cute clothes.  So this was my chance to try it out.
I went to Hancocks and found this fabric first.  I found a pattern for a romper that was only $1 (awesome).  This fabric was on sale too for $4.  What a great deal!  I had thought in the past that only Amy Butler had cute fabrics and places like Hobby Lobby, JoAnnes, and Hancocks have 90s style fabrics and nothing cute at all.  I was SO wrong.  There was a ton of great choices.  I probably stood in front of the woven cottons for 12 minutes before I had one of those thoughts "If I'm having so much trouble they would all be good choices so JUST PICK ONE."  I kept seeing fabrics that would fit perfectly with some of my favorite couples styles.  So if they ever have baby girls  I'll be able to make clothes I know they would love.

I know my friend loves owls.  We worked together as fashion merchandisers so of course fashion and our fashion influences was something we talked about often.  She told me this very endearing story about her grandmother.  Her grandma has themed bathrooms in her house.  One is filled with owls and another is filled with tiny mirrors.  My friend had always loved the owls and the idea of collecting something and making themed bathrooms!  I saw this fabric and thought it was kind of expensive the first time around.  After I found out that my $11 pattern was only $1  I went back to get the "expensive fabric" that I knew she would love.

I couldn't help but crochet something, too!  I found this pattern for little tiny baby girl headbands.  They button at the back so it can grow with the baby.  I made all of these flowers and put them on safety pins so that they can make any combination of colors.  I made these while at work which was an awesome use of time!

I was so glad to finally make something for GIRLS!  I had a ton of fun doing it.  Too bad I have 3 nephews and probably only one more eventual child on my side of the family.  Luckily I'm about to marry into a family with 4 sibling-in-laws that haven't even thought about kids yet.  So I still have a big chance for nieces someday.


  1. Sooooooooo sweet! You rock.

  2. That little jumper at the top is so cute. I wish I was better at sewing. I mostly crochet. I love to make the headbands too.