Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hand-Made Sunday

Here is one of the things I've been making this week...

First step is to buy 600 muslin bags from Step two:  went to local craft store and bought this stamp on sale and the ink pad.
So I stamped the muslin bags with the leaves and half of them with this bird stamp too.  It's a hint to what is going inside the bag, as well as, a way to differentiate these from the other muslin bags that I'll have at the wedding filled with a surprise.
I went to Lowes and got bags of seeds for a good price.  I picked out the only seed mixture that I could find that didn't have black seeds.  I don't want to have black seeds stuck in my dress for the rest of the day.

After stamping all of the bags, one of my bridesmaids and I filled them with the seeds.  Here is what 300 muslin bags look like.  That basket is heavy too!  It took about 15 lbs of seeds to fill those suckers.  
They all look nice and personalized for my fall wedding.  You could always stamp it with anything like a monogram and your wedding date. I just wanted to bring in our fall theme.

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