Saturday, August 14, 2010

London Fashion

Well, of course I'm going to need a completely different look for London... I mean who are we kidding here?
No, I didn't go with the Euro Hard Edge Pop look.  Pleather doesn't breath and neon doesn't look good with my olive skin tone.  I went with the soft muted quite literary look that translates to 90s awesomeness.
I pulled some looks from blogs that I like to read.

This is Pretty Little Pictures.  This photo actually comes from a great blog post all about Neil Gaiman if you are interested.  Anyway  I think in London I'll be wearing vintage dresses with tights and small purses.  I feel like big purses is an American thing.  The British seem more humble with their accessories.

This is HoneyBunny in Wonderland.  I love her little liberty print dress with the tiny purse again and tons of layered vintage jewelry.  Layered vintage jewelry is something I think epitomizes the American perception of the English.  I mean don't all Londoners wear old layered jewelry like the queen?  Of course the answer is no but it's still fun to think about things like the royal fam while on vaca. But to make this October appropriate I would add socks to the shoes and an oversized cardigan (one of my favorite items to wear).

This girl I love.  This was posted on Ill Seen, Ill Said.  I like this so much because it is a mix between London and Santorini!  I mean look at those nautical stripes and that grey sweater.  It is matched so well with the high waisted jeans and that classic chapo.  Belting the oversized sweater is a must for the London crossover and a simple vintage necklace would complete the look.  I love it.  I would just add socks to the shoes again!  I'm thinking I need a hat like that for my trip too.

This is Liebemarlene Vintage.   I like her soft muted lace dress with those oxford shoes.  Oxford shoes; how much more England can you get?  I think I need to buy some before the trip.  It would be so cute with tights and a sweater to make it more October ready.

So basically I would love to have these looks for my London trip! Now I think I need to go thrifting to make it work.


  1. I can't wait to see the pics after your trip is all said and done... for the scenery... and to see how your fashion works out! :)

  2. OH no, now I actually need to look cute. I never thought someone would hold me to it! That's okay, that's good. Now I will.

  3. Don't forget you are going to want to shop and you are only allowed so much luggage without extra charges. Oh Topshop I miss you...