Friday, August 13, 2010

My Greece Wardrobe

Being the fashionista I once was.  I feel the need to have a new Greece wardrobe.  Here is what I already bought for the trip.  Remember it will be fall over there too.  The highs will be in the upper 60s and I'm assuming chilly nights. 

I can wear this awesome jacket I was swooning over earlier this year and bought on sale from forever 21.

During Missouri's tax free weekend Brian was buying clothes for his upcoming trip to San Diego and bought me this top from Forever 21.  I love that it is a little oversized and blousey.
He also bought me this hat at forever 21 for $3.50.  Can't beat it.  It's really soft and cute.  I had a navy one I bought a few springs ago but it went missing over a year ago.  I was not happy about that.  I'm glad I have another one.

I would really like something like this sweater from Gap.  It kinda has that "I'm an airplane sweater" look written all over it.  It will keep me cozy and comfy on the plane and then be perfect for an evening stroll on the beach in Santorini with rolled up skinny jeans.

During my stroll I would have to carry these great shoes.  They are Steve Madden that I found on  They are a canvas boat shoe.  Perfect for Greece, don't you think?

This little sweater vest is from Anthropologie.  I think it is great traveling item as well.  It would help in dressing down any of your dresses or outfits for the day while adding a cute detail to the ensemble.  I love the neutral undyed look of the fabric.

And lastly, I just REALLY want these boots.  They are over the knee Frye boots.  Of course they are a little out of my budget but they would be a great addition to my wardrobe.  I'd probably wear them everyday of fall.  I love you Frye over the knee boots!  I found these on

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  1. It all looks fabulous... but you DEFINITELY need those boat shoes!