Friday, August 27, 2010

vintage vs. new

After looking up so much vintage school supplies I decided to see what people were making as far as school supplies go.  I went back to my bff etsy and found SO much cute stuff.  Check it out.

I really like this bag.  It'r really cute and has a clean look.  I could see this being at Gap.  It's from ikabags.  Where's my tandem bicycle I need to go to art school.
Yep, I'll take that pencil case.  This beauty is from aylla.  It's even on sale! WooHoo.

Look at this cute fabric covered journal.  It's made by ME!  Look at my etsy shop here.  You can reuse the covers on any composition book!
I'm in love with this lunch bag.  I might really buy this for work.  It's insulated it has a great strap.  It's cute.  It's perfect.  It's carriedawaybags.

These are little snack bags from sacsavers.  They are cotton with spill proof, stain proof liners.  I need to make some of these...or buy them.  I'm sick of throwing away tons of plastic bags!

um, yeah.  You need cute new glasses for school right?  We need to trick the teacher into thinking you're smart from day one.  (They'll grade you better if they think you're smart.)  This cute heart glasses are from steppie.

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