Thursday, September 23, 2010


The wedding is too near.  I can't keep up with my blog at this time.  It's too much pressure.  Most days I wake up at 8.  Go to work.  Go to Brian's.  Work on wedding stuff.  Come home at 12am.  Blogging just doesn't wiggle it's way into my schedule right now.

But I've been listening to an audio book while I work on wedding stuff.  I get excited to listen to the audio book, so I end up working on wedding stuff more often.

I'm listening to "The Golden Compass."  I read it in the traditional way the first time around.  I love book two of the series, His Dark Materials.  So really I want to get to that one.  The reader is really good, it is the author Phillip Pullman of "The Golden Compass."  The story is much better than I remembered.  Usually I can't stand to listen or to reread books.  Very few I can reread with any vigor.

So over all I'd like to listen to all three books before the wedding.  Maybe...  I don't know it's right around the corner.

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