Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Fashion Cravings

That perfect party dress.  Brian and I were discussing my taste a while back and I described my style as "cute."  He was so relieved to finally come up with a word that described it.  "Yes, you dress cute!" he said.  This conversation took place in London where all of the girls were dressed like women.  I felt very much like a 24 year old girl.  I might not be making sense.  Anyway I have been looking at more grown up clothes lately and trying to not buy the cute floral stuff that I want to.  But hey I bought a chiffon floral skirt and that's more grown up looking that a cotton one...right?
Anyway...I was browsing www.modcloth.com and found some more grown up looking party dresses....

I don't know why I wrote that little story about trying to look more grown up.  The more I kept looking the "cuter" the dresses got.

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