Friday, January 7, 2011


Ever since I got married I've wanted to crochet some swiffer covers.  In my cleaning routine I use so many disposable products.  I use paper towels to do windows and mirrors, disposable toilet bowl cleaners, swiffer dry and wet clothes.  I'm trying to cut down on it.  I do love the ease and convenience of those toilet bowl cleaners though...
Anyways, I finally crocheted myself a swiffer cover.  I found the pattern here.  I did alter the back some.  Instead of crocheting in the round I just created the two flaps on either end that can be stretched around the swiffer.

Now if only I could make time to use it...(wink).


  1. How awesome is that!?

  2. How does the crochet version compare cleaning wise to the throw away version? If it works just as good (or almost as good), I want one!