Thursday, April 21, 2011


Brian and I have been to Barnes and Noble twice this week.  We were just looking around and browsing.  The only thing we bought was a little book to keep all of Brian's State Quarters.

I was very disappointed to know that there were 3 and only 3 books that I wanted to look at and all 3 were not in the store!

from this great girl's blog.

I was thinking of buying this for my nephew's 6th birthday.  (it's okay, I don't think he reads this blog)

now who wouldn't want to browse through that?

These books aren't crazy.  I'm not that against the stream.  Why didn't they have my books?


  1. Probably better they were not there, they are cheaper online anyway. I adore Lemony Snicket and haven't heard about this one.

  2. I want the unofficial harry potter cookbook too!!! that sounds amazing!!!