Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Latest Craft Project

This one is for me!

This past winter I made some covers for two pillows we have in the living room.   I've been thinking that I want to crochet some new pillow covers for the spring.  My mom ripped a picture out of a magazine that she reads that looks something like this...

So a long time ago I started making flowers.  You may remember it.

So here is what came from it...
I made a basic granny square the size of the pillow.  I attached all of the flowers to it.  It looked almost like the inspiration.  Then I had to stretch it around the pillow and the flowers don't look as dense as I'd like.  But here is what the back looks like...
Chevron!  I love this side!  For the next pillow I'll definitely make a chevron side.  

I think I may take off all of the flowers and make the chevron side the front.  I'll just have to find another use for all of those flowers!

I'll post the next pillow I make too.

Here is the pattern I used for the chevron.
Make a Chain for however long you would like.  Keep it a multiple of 5.
Turn, 1 dc in first stitch.  *1 dc in next stitch 3xs. decrease twice.  1 dc in next stitch 3xs. 2 dc in next stitch 2xs*  Repeat as many times as you need to.  Turn.

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