Thursday, July 28, 2011

2011 PR 01 Streaming Thoughts

First 15 min. observation.
Amanda Perna:  Very Young look. Very questionable taste.  But I want to see how she would do in a challenge

Anthony Ryan Auld: testy guy…confused about the look.  Potential crier.

Anya Ayoung Chee:  Been sewing for a few months?  Don’t know if she’ll make it very far.  Miss Trinidad.  I like her influence and taste. 

Becky Ross:  I love her style.

Bert Keeter:  Interested.  Great Story.  (Some clothes were great, some were gross)  Either will do very well, or horribly.

Bryce Black: I Like the feathers

Cecilia Motwani: Don’t like her style or personality.

Danielle Everine; (I like her, but I don’t know if she’ll make it to top 10)  She’s corky.

David Chum:  Polished, I’d like to see more.

Failene Wells:  I like what she showed.  I see her cracking in the future.

Gunnar Deatherage:  a name like that…really?

Joshua Christensen:  nice guy. Straight Mormon.

Joshua McKinley: Typical personality… another one

Julie Tierney:  She’s stupid, but I like her clothes!

Kimberly Goldson: Typical, not impressive to me.

Laura Kathleen: Obnoxious, I think she’d be fun on the show.

Olivier Green: endearing!

Rafael Cox: Great structure…interested.

Serena Da Conceicao: eh

Viktor Luna: weird guy

I agree with the people they outed but I kinda liked David Chum, but I’ll forget who he was by the end of the show. 

Challenge: Come as you are:  
You can use pjs and one top sheet.  Make a look out of what you have.
It’s a good challenge.  This will show the creativity of the contestants. 
Half way through the episode…and I’m excited about this season.  People are showing some promise!
Pumped about runway time

Anthony:  Looks good in the beginning RUNWAY I like the top the skirt is stupid.  JUDGING:  I’m surprised that they liked it that much.  Top looks like something I could get at wet seal.

Anya:  yeah, good luck.  No one is surprised you are struggling.  Uh OH she’s a little surprising.  I like her and I don’t want to!  Oh you are far behind?  Not surprised little miss anya.  RUNWAY It works.  I can’t tell how the construction is.  Too bad everyone will be looking harder at her construction than anyone elses.

Becky RUNWAY.  Very cute.  Space age inspired.  I’m in.

Bert.. I’m loving it.  RUNWAY.  I like it a lot.  Maybe my favorite.  JUDGING: totally agree.  He should be the winner.  I liked the styling.  Michael is being to harsh about that.

Bryce RUNWAY:  I LOVE it!  Impressed.

Cecilia RUNWAY Skirt is bad fit.  I think you’ll pass through.

Danielle  RUNWAY.  I like it!

Fallene  Eww, no puking clown  RUNWAY stupid. Should have used puking clown on accessory.

Joshua C.  I like the plan, hope it works out.RUNWAY  I liked it a lot!  One of my favorites a top pick. JUDGING: Awe..I like it.  He went for a different look.  I think they should give him a little more credit.

Joshua M.  Runway Eh..

Julie not excited about what she is bringing to the table. Gross.  RUNWAY It all looks really 2000.  

Kimberly:  RUNWAY top was weird.  Didn’t like it.

Laura:  wearing nice pjs may get you some where in life!  RUNWAY  I like it. Looks like a sheet and negligée.

Olivier RUNWAY ok

Rafael  Oh don’t cry…no one cares what your hair looks like. RUNWAY the top looks like a sheet, pants ok weird look.  JUDGING:  Kick him off. 

Viktor RUNWAY I’m a sucker for shirt dresses.  I hope he makes it to next week.  But he didn’t show anything original or daring.

In conclusion I had a major miss with Joshua C. Oh Well!  Let’s see what he does next week.  I agree that Bert deserved to win the challenge hands down.  Rafeal is out!  I agree completely with the decision.

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