Thursday, August 4, 2011

2011 PR 02 Streaming Thoughts

Challenge 02:  Pet Project:  Unconventional Project Pet Materials…

-I bet their clothes will stink.  I don’t even walk down the pet aisle at the grocery store because it makes me want to gag.
-This seems like it would be a really hard challenge! 
-Anthony good choice to be different.
-Bert bad choice to only get fabrics… this is innovation.
-Ooh pet land discount what do you have left?  That was a lot of bags leaving the store.
-If you abuse immunity they will get mad!
-How many times do they say wee wee pads?
-Joshua M is giving a lot of advice…should the other contestants be listening?
-Ugh, why is this show 1.5 hours?  It’s a little much.
-Some are turning out kinda great..


Anthony:  Looks great, but so simple.  Will they want more?  Love the neckline.  I like her clean face styling as well.

Anya: Looks great, looks like Anya’s style.  Great

Becky:  I like the shape of this.  I think it works for this challenge.

Bert:  Dumb.  Gross, stupid.  Boring Ugly

Bryce: Stupid.  Looks like I made that for my barbie out of gum and napkins

Cecilia: It’s falling off! Ehh.

Danielle: I like this.  I would buy that top.

Fallene: safe looking.  But skirt comes across well.

Joshua C: Eh.  I don’t like it.  Others are way better.

Joshua M:  I like the top of this.  I think it works.  I’m not sure if it is a winner.

Julie: Dumb, not innovative. Bad silhouette.  Maybe her last look.

Kimberly:  Good girl.  Safe.

Laura:  I like this.  I don’t care if there is no movement.  I like it.:

Olivier:  I kinda love this.  So sophisticated.  I think he’ll do well.

Viktor:  I like it.  It’s a good transformation even if it is a simple shape.  I think the materials transferred well.

Sorry Bryce, they are right about your blue wee wee mistake.  Come on Bryce, at least know your girl.

Heidi likes the neckline of Anthony’s dress too. 

Olivier, hombre is so chic and in right now.  Way to be current.  They didn’t like the brows but I liked it.

Joshua C:  Conventional..Yep agree.  Oh weird shoe to pair it with.

Joshua M:  I agree with Nina.  What is up with that tag?  Haha, makeup is dumb.  The top is great, I agree!

Fallene:  Simple silhouette.  Nina hates the color, but I disagree.  I like the retro colors.  Fallene you should stand up for your work.  Don’t apologize, put on your big girl panties!

Olivier WON!  It was very deserved.  I love his taste.  I'm excited to see what else he will do in upcoming episodes!

Joshua C is out!  He's a nice guy.  That's the only reason it is sad to see him go.  I'm not sad that I won't see any more Josh C. designs on the show though.  Got to trim the fat...

Until next week...

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