Thursday, August 11, 2011

2011 PR 03 Streaming Thoughts

Episode 3: STILTS!

I like the idea of this challenge.  I’m a little worried that the designers will come up with great tops and lame pants.  We will see…
Ugh, I hate group episodes…it’s just an hour and a half of bickering and crying.
The models are fun girls.  They are more realistically shaped women too.
First day at Mood!
Julie is probably the most obnoxious contestant…I think this is her time to go based on personality alone (and probably style as well.)
Oh Bertie and Vik, you old married couple you.
A cage does not sound safe for a stilt walker.
Phew, did Bertie and Vik just silence Tim with their pettiness?  Just kidding just that “Lifetime” editing.
I like the big of the tutu on Fallene and Bryce.
“Off Grain” phrase of the night.  Even my husband can tell when something is off grain. (I did teach him how, but still)
Cecilia’s a Bword.
Bryce is so pessimistic.
Fallene, STOP BEING THE CRIER!  Get some self respect!
4:30am, that’s no joke.
Olivier and Anya are scaring me, they need to get more done!
Bryce is a control obsessed baby…and Fallene needs to grow a pair.
Not very many fans in the crowd…yikes.


Joshua and Julie : It looks too circusy and typical.   It’s not out of the box at all.  I’m not a fan.

Bert and Victor:  The model is good.  It looks okay.  I’m not super impressed yet.

Bryce and Fallene:  It looks horrible together. The top looks like she got it from a dance supply store.  The pants under the tutu are so unimaginative.

Beckie and Kimberly:  I like this look.  It is very much Beckie’s style.  The pants do look pretty great.

Anya and Olivier.  It is cool.  This seems more high fashion than the others.  Is it weird that I like this.

Cecilia and Danielle.  It looks so wearable.  The hair is weird I agree with the designers.

Anthony and Laura:  This does look the best so far.  Very dramatic.  I LOVE LOVE the top of this.  What a great team!  Looks good with stilts too!  This should be the winner.

Anthony and Laura:  They were sweet and a great team, probably why they weren’t featured in this episode much.

Danielle and Cecilia:   “That Hair is CR-AZY”  I love you Michael.  The chiffon does look great.  It looks flawless.

Kimberly and Beckie:  It does look a little circusy, but I like the dark circus look they had going.  It looks like Beckie’s original designs.

Viktor and Bert:  I agree it looks like a bad costume. 

Fallene and Bryce:  Black swan… The model is laughing because she knows it looks bad!  Yikes.  They like the headpiece which is Fallene. But yet Fallene is responsible for the bad look?  I want Bryce to go home base on the designs but I know it won’t happen.

Joshua and Julie:  Bad design, bad taste.  But I’m glad they liked the execution.

LAURA IS THE WINNER!  She completely deserves it.  Good girl.

Fallene is out.  I think she is a spunky girl, but she was a bad designer.  She didn't have what it takes to last in a competition.  She needed a little more gull.

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  1. SO glad you added pics of the runway this time. I'm watching this show vicariously through your blog!