Thursday, August 11, 2011


Thursday is Window day.  Therefore we must update our window displays!  Because we are going with the back to school mommy mannequin, I decided to do something Anthropologie circa 2000.  It represents learning, school, fall everything we all imply for the season.  I found a book in my stash and cut out all of these leaves with an exacto knife.  I'm not Hitler, I recycled this book!  I found it on its way to the dumpster at a school that was no longer going to teach on this novel.  I saved it, knowing one day I'd make something out of it.  So I cut all 200+ pages worth of simple leaves.  I then stapled them together to make this garland I hung from the ceiling.  I draped the back ground with thick natural colored craft paper.  I even stuck a few leaves to the mannie.
My philosophy on window display is as follows:

1. Use correct scale.  So many boutiques simply put some product in a window and a few props.  You need to use the space you have in a window.  Otherwise you are missing out on real estate.  You wouldn't leave a corner of your store empty, so don't do it to a window.

2.  Make a statement.  If you are going to use a fun prop use a lot of them.  Windows are fun and need to be attention grabbing.  Make people wonder how you did it.

3.  Keep product simple.  Use the window display to highlight some of your product.  Don't clutter the window with a lot of mannequins making it too busy.  Don't confuse the customer by putting too much out there.  People like clean and orderly merchandise.  PS. Usually high-end stores have less in there windows and budget stores have a lot of merchandise.  Who do you want to resemble?

4. Change often.  Give your customer a reason to come in.  Show them something new and current.  Make them think you have received new shipment (whether you have or not).  Changing your merchandising makes people think you have entirely new clothing.

5.  Be Creative with your Budget.  If you don't think you have the budget to come up with fun and creative window ideas you are cutting yourself short.  Using simple or cheap items for props isn't bad as long as you follow tips 1 through 4.  Save your money to make a few extraordinary windows throughout the year.

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