Friday, August 26, 2011

2011 PR 05 Streaming Thoughts

EP 05:  Off the Track

-Cecilia is a big baby.  I hope this is her week to go.
-Ha, Bert doesn’t think he relates to any of the other designers.  At least he can see the obvious.
-Woah…Cecilia just QUIT!  Quitters are idiots.  Oh well she wasn’t very good anyway.
-Now everyone has to race to become team leaders one time around the track.
-OMG, did Olivier just pass out after tripping during the 200 meter race?  Oh the drama!  Oh it was just a panic attack!  I love Olivier…pull through buddy.
-Because Cecilia quit Victor got to pick someone to come back and he picked Josh C!  I liked Josh C he was the nice, family guy.
-I love that they are showing Tim’s more candid moments and not just his scripted moments.  I loved that when he was at mood reminding people of their time and budget he then added, “I’m such a nag.”
-Josh C. is back in the flesh and adorable.
-Josh C just saw Heidi come in and said, “Klum of doom!”  HAHAHA They are all afraid of her.
-Josh M made Becky cry.  He said her clothes were doughty.  I like Becky’s clothes they are vintage inspired.  Josh M is being a jerk and pushed her too far on purpose.  Well at least Josh M kind of apologized.


Viktor:  I love the motorcycle jacket with the dress.  It looks great
Josh C:  This outfit is super casual.  It looks great with the shoes.  I love the shoulder detail.
Olivier:  I don’t like the long skirt.  Top is ok
(This is a cohesive collection)

Bryce:  The dress is cute.  It doesn’t go with sneakers though.
Kimberly.  I like this look.  It’s hard for me to see the detail.
Danielle:  She is the only one that had color, which is a shame.  It’s just ok

Anthony:  poor fit.  Camel toe
Laura:  Eh.  It does work with the shoes
Bert:  Doesn’t look good with shoes.  Eck
(This entire collection is lacking)

Josh M.  I like this look.
Becky:  I like the skirt with the pop of color.
Anya:  The stripe doesn’t flow well on the dress.  It looks bad with tennis shoes.

Overall this was a very disappointing challenge.

Heidi says there is no clear winner or loser.  They have to talk to everyone!
Bert, Anthony and Laura are all fighting in front of the judges!  YIKES!  It’s not good to fight in front of judges.

Josh M, Becky, and Anya.  They liked Anya’s dress?  I don’t like it!   Nina liked Joshes and so did I.  They were not crazy about Becky’s.

Viktor, Josh C and Olivier.  They Like Viktor’s look.  They like some things from all the looks except Olivier’s “Farm” dress.

Bryce, Danielle and Kimberly.  UH oh Danielle made another slouchy color blouse.  The judges noticed how weird it is with just one piece with color.

Viktor is the WINNER!  He was the standout favorite.
Josh M.  is also the winner? Ok, why not!
Danielle is out!  I liked her.  I think she could have done a good few more episodes.

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