Sunday, September 4, 2011

2011 Project Runway EP 06 Streaming Thoughts

Project Runway EP 6: 
Children and Avant Garde.  AWESOME
-The designers are partnered with kid artists.  The designers are generally supper sweet with these high school kids.
-Some of these children’s art is really beautiful.
-Joshua M’s concept sounds intriguing.  And he wants to honor his mother, how sweet.
-I think Bert’s balloon pants will look silly whether he wants them to or not.
-ugh Bert, your outfit is worse than the sketch.
-I love Olvier, but he is struggling.  Ever since his panic attack on the track last week I’ve doubted his competitive edge.  This is a competition after all.
-Viktor’s student is so forward.  I would not be able to tell Tim why a dress is awesome.
_OH NO I thought Olivier was going to get kicked out for gluing his dress on his model.
-I love that Bert always styles his models the same.

Kimberly”  I like this interpretation.  I think it’ll be save.

Becky:  I like this too.  I think it’ll be save.

Olivier:  This is weird.  I don’t like it.  It’s not enough.  It looks messy.  The painting was really beautiful.

Josh M.  I like this look a lot.  This looks real runway professional to me.

Bert: ECK!  This is horrible.  It reminds me of the jumpers my mom put me in during the 80s.

Viktor:  ok.  I like parts of this dress and others are ugly.  The painting was better.

Laura:  I’m not sure,  looks prom dressy to me.

Bryce.  Nope, nope nope.  .weird fit. Not working for me.

Josh C.  Not avant garde at all.  Just a weird leather dress with a blouse underneath.  He should be worried.

Anthony:  I like this.  It is a fairly literal representation of the painting but works for me.

Anya:  So how did she do this?!?!  I really like it!  This may be one of my favorites.  I love the cut, the color pallet, the silhouette.

Josh M:  Heidi likes this. All of the judges like this.  I couldn’t agree more!

Josh C:  Michael doesn’t think this Avant Garde and that’s what I was thinking.  The judges are being harsh.  Josh C is just such a nice guy.  But nice guys don’t always win.

Bert: They did not like this except Heidi.  Heidi likes that it’s literal, loud, and coo coo.  Everyone else thinks it’s too much.  That means he will not lose tonight.

Laura:  They didn’t see the interpretation until she explained it.  I think it is a beautiful interpretation and not too literal.

Olivier:  Heidi thinks it is sad.  Totally agree.  They think it is boring. They like part of it.  They like the construction.  I think he is safe.

Anthony:  Heidi loves this dress.  Michael likes it.  The guest judge, thinks it is a little home made.

Anthony Ryan is the WINNER!  He may have been my 3rd or 4th for tonight pick but in general I do like his work.

Josh C is out…again.  I’m not surprised.  I just like his personality.

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