Sunday, December 18, 2011


Even at the young age of 25, there are only a few gifts that really stand out to me as favorites and are memorable.  One of them was a water baby.  I think I was 6ish when I get her.

It got introduced to my families' Saturday night routine.  All four kids would take turns taking baths or showers on Saturday night in our one bathroom house so we would be clean for church on Sunday.  Dad would brush and blow dry my hair while we watched Nickelodeon.  I would be as quiet as I could so I could stay up to watch, "Who's Afraid of the Dark." Because just maybe everybody would forget I was there if I were just quiet enough.  It usually worked.  When it was finally time to go to bed some one would put warm water in my water baby.  I would cuddle that thing so hard and fall asleep.

I loved that water baby.  I love the memories that came with it.


  1. "Wiggles and jiggles and feels so real..." You know if in reality there was no such thing as bones.

  2. That baby was HEAVY, too! I remember hearing the loud thud when it would fall out of your bed.