Monday, January 9, 2012

Homemade Christmas

I'm the worst at taking photos of crafts that I make for other people.  Unless my husband volunteers a photo shoot it probably won't happen.  I'll tell you what I made for people and you can imagine how adorable everything was.

1.  For a friend I made her nieces hats.  I crocheted a 3mo and 3-year-old coordinating pink and turquoise hats.
2.  I knitted hats on a loom for all of the men and boys in my life along with button in crochet beards.  (The count in case you were wondering 4 men hats, 3 boy hats)
3.  I made custom necklaces for my favorite ladies that had their favorite boy's name in Morse code.
4.  I made a neck/upper back rice heating pad.
5.  I made hot chocolate on a stick.

Here are the homemade gifts I received though.
(disclaimer, I received some awesome homemade ornaments, that are already in storage.)

I received these awesome edible gifts...a favorite of mine.  Homemade vanilla. (already been used a few times.  Cowboy cookies in a jar.  Peach Rosemary Jam!

I received a lot of amazing bracelets this Christmas!  I was pumped!  How awesome are all of these from my sister.  
My sister-in-law made me these!  I like to mix all my bracelets up.
This is a pic of all the bracelets I received for Christmas just for kicks.
My hubbie made me this!  It's a beautiful vintage Samsonite suitcase with some goodies inside.  Everything I need for a picnic!  He bought vintage dishes, silverware, and even a vase.
It turns into a table!  How cute is this?  I have the best husband ever!


  1. Okay... it all looks fabulous... but wow... Brian really gets huge props for that picnic trunk! That is just awesome and so sweet with all the time he put into it. :)

  2. I LOVE my morse code necklace. And I've worn my bracelets multiple times. We are blessed with talented and thoughtful friends and family.

  3. Think of all the landfill items we saved, too! Brian's suitcase picnic is AWESOME. He is so thoughtful. I can just imagine him in the thrift store picking out the perfect vintage plates for you!

  4. Wow, that is a great gift from your hubs. I want one too now.