Thursday, May 3, 2012

Good Finds

I've been noticing the trend of small thin, gold rings.  I've seen them on wedding blogs.  No more classic engagement and wedding ring, get 4 rings and stack them!
Click this to see how Elsie, from a beautiful mess, did it.

Then I saw this knot ring on Kate Spade's website.
As I was thinking about how much I like it tonight I tried to find it on Kate's website again but it was already too late.

I collected my sorrow filled thoughts and went to etsy.  Here is what I actually purchased!

It's freshly re-plated in 14K gold!  Isn't it beautiful?  It's also a tiny size for my tiny fingers.  I can't wait to get it!!!  

I also got this...
but with a B... which stands for boyfriend.

I should not be allowed to purchase things right before bed time.  I get a little too excited.


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  2. I have been thinking about a ring like this, actually... Would you mind sharing the etsy shop you purchased from? I didn't see a link, but I may be blind

  3. I'm wearing my knot ring right now! I got mine here...
    They were a little slow but because they sent my order late they sent me a free ring!