Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Book Club

I want to premise this with the thought, "I read 'christian' books with a cynical heart."  It may be an odd thing to state, but it is the truth.

Bob Goff is a friend of Donald Miller, and everything about this book clearly affirms Goff's affection for Miller.  Goff used a similar format and style as Miller.  Goff has some really great sentiments in the book.  He challenges people to be spontaneous and show love in big ways.

Goff wrote of personal experience and the ways he has shown love to his family, friends, and strangers in his life.  A lot of it involved taking expensive trips, going on sail boat races to Hawaii, and just picking up and leaving to love on others.  That's great if you can afford it, but I couldn't relate to any of it.  I can't afford to be spontaneous in that way.  I have to go to work.  I'd get fired if I did any of the things Goff writes about... and then my heart grew three times smaller.

Though my nature is to be cynical, my dad has shown me through practice that there is good in everything.  There will always be a bright side, it's just how you choose to see it.  Therefore, I always try to take something away from everything I read.  I read because I want my mind, imagination, and soul to see more in this world.  In the begining of this book Goff wrote of a time when he was in high school he planned to run away from home, get a minimum wage job, and live life in nature when he could.  His younglife leader told him, "Bob, I'm with you."  The younglife leader was wherever Goff needed him to be.  They went together and when Goff realized it was a bad idea with no real plan they came home.

What would my life look like if I was that kind of friend?  I don't need to tell people about the mistakes I think they are making.  I could just be their friend through it and then after it.  Believe in them and support them; pray for the best in their life.  Love Does.

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