Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Book Club

I read different books for differing reasons.
1.  I feel like it's a book I should have already read and somehow missed in high school.
2.  It is about to be turned into a movie or already has and I want to read the book version first.
3.  Someone recommended the book to me.
4.  The cover was pretty and I totally judged.
5.  Assuming from the genre, author, or recommendation this would be a quick entertaining read.

The following are the books I've gotten to read this summer...

Go Ask Alice was one of the books that I felt like I should have already read.  The only thing I thought I knew about this book was that all teens should read it in high school and drugs are involved.  I found this book nearing on the ridiculous.  Maybe drug culture has just come along way since 1971, or maybe the writing is just completely unbelievable as a true journal.  I would not recommend this to anyone.

I read The Perks of Being a Wallflower in part because I wanted to see the movie and two it's a book a lot of teens are reading in high school now.  After reading this book I realized why I stick to teen fantasy novels and professional biographies.  Stories based on the heartache of real life are hard to read.  I like to keep things a little more shallow, personally.  Life is hard enough, I don't want to spend my leisure time reading a fictional novel about someone else's tragedy.

I wanted to read Dark Places because I thought it would be a fast fun beach read after loving Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl last year.  What I like about Gillian Flynn is her ability to write truly dark characters.  It gives me the same thrill as watching a scary movie.  She has the innate ability to make all her characters seem so hardened by life they are capable of terrible violent acts.  In a book, I like for things to end with a little more wanting.  I like when things are open ended and leave room for interpretation.  I feel like I get to decided how it all truly ends.  Dark Places was not like that.  Everything got wrapped up nicely in the end.

Tell the Wolves I'm Home was a book whose cover art drew me in.  Honestly from reading the inside flap, I had it confused with a book my mom had recommended that had magic in it.  It's a funny thing to read a book and continually expect magic to show up in it, when it never does.  Over all it was a little slow, but a very sweet, enduring coming of age story involving a special relationship between an uncle and his niece and two sisters.

Shadow and Bone was recommended to me by a friend who shares my love for teen fantasy guilty pleasures.  It is so far removed from the real world I had a little bit of trouble keeping up in this fictional land in the begining.  Once I got the hang of the new order, I was totally hooked; like I always am.  WARNING:  Only 2 of the 3 parts of this series have been published.  If you get hooked you'll have to wait for book 3.  If it hadn't been recommended to me, I would have been drawn in by the cover art on this book too!

Next week I'll share all the audio books I listened to this summer as well!

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