Monday, September 23, 2013

Shockingly PG-13

I know, it's shocking!  I threw a PG-13 rated Lingerie/Bachelorette Party for a friend this summer.  It was so fun to make all of the paper goods for the day.  I made the above invitations, which I found to be quite clever if I say so myself.  I added in the lingerie card into each of the invites so people would buy appropriately.  I also made labels for all of the food!  I mostly found names for the food that fit the theme of the party.  To mention those now would make me blush, so I won't.  

We played one game through out the night and I think the girls really liked it.  Everybody was given a couple of party poppers like the ones pictured above.  I previously printed out little labels with secret words like "Ribbon" and taped them face down to the poppers.  If the guest of honor said your secret word out loud you got to pull the string on the popper.  It really got people talking and funny conversations ensued. 

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