Friday, October 18, 2013

DIY Pearl Collar

I’m getting preppier and preppier in my old age; aka, I just bought a puffer vest!!  

Anyway, I’m loving the studded trend, but it’s just not me.  You know what is 'me'?  Pearls!  Here is a super easy pearl embellishment DIY.

I started out with this chambray shirt.

I started to randomly sew on pearls to the collar.

I had a costume pearl necklace that broke on me and I kept all the pearl beads.  There were a variety of sizes which added a lot of interest on the collar.  

I just sewed them on to the tips of the collar; I think it gives it a little bit of a western feel.

I can't wait until my puffer vest comes in the mail, and then I'll wear the two preppy items together.  I'm also getting a new camera!  So hopefully I'll learn to use it ASAP and get better pictures for all the DIYs!

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