Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Postal Service introduced me to my husband...

Our anniversary is approaching.  It will be 3 years.  I sure love that guy.

We had only one song sung during our ceremony.  That song was Brand New Colony, the acoustic Ben Gibbard version.  We chose this song because, 1. It's sweet and the lyrics are perfect for a wedding and 2. it meant something to us.  

Brian and I had been friends through out high school and we lost touch when he went away to college and left me to finish my last year of high school.  Lucky for us Facebook was invented that year that kept us apart.  On his profile he had those above exact words quoted.  After we rekindled a friendship through a website made to keep people connected; I became a little bold.  I had an inkling that our friendship could grow to be something really great.

Yep, those are real posts between my husband and me.  Believe me, those two 18 and 19 year-olds did not know that five years later they would be husband and wife.  But I'm so glad that they are!

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