Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Willing Bachelorette

When I look back at my wedding, most things I wouldn't change and am still SO glad that I stuck to my guns and did things my way.  For example, I skipped the bouquet toss.  Who actually likes the bouquet toss?  I know there are a few of you out there, that's why I made this sign.

Through out the ceremony and reception site I had these cute little signs everywhere.  Some said Wedding ->, bocce ball, croquet, etc.  There was one very special sign that was hidden on top of a grassy knoll to the side of the reception festivities.  In the middle of the reception I snuck away and put my bouquet in this wooden sign.  I then happened to wander to a group of my single girl friends that would have been very disappointed with no bouquet toss and told them I had something hidden on that small hill.

I don't remember who won, but that lucky lady on the right was married within the year.  (just sayin') 

DIY sign, by me!

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