Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kids' Table: Paper Turkey and Flowers

 Even though the kids get paper napkins instead of fabric ones doesn't mean that I couldn't fold it in a fun way to make the dinner a little more special.  I folded two paper napkins into a turkey!  I based it off of this youtube video.  The only thing I did differently was for the body of the turkey.  I kept the paper napkin folded in fourths and then folded the body of it.

I made the circular flowers based on something like this video.  The only difference is in the weird glue she has, I use a hot glue gun.  It gets the job done quickly.

This flower is made from coffee filters.  I made it based on this video, except I stopped half way.  I liked the way they looked white and crisp with the rest of the paper decor on my table.  I'll probably paint and finish them at a later time.

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