Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kids' Table: Place Card

The placecards are actually crayon packets!

All you need to do is pull the ribbon and open up the packet of crayons!

And so the kiddos can use the crayons to color on almost anything on the table, except the table itself of course!

Here is how I did it!
Step 1:  Cut a 5.5"x7" rectangle out of the grocery bag.
Step 2:  Use rubber cement to glue on curly ribbon just off center of the rectangle.  Be sure to leave a little extra at the top so they can pull it.
Step 3:  Find 8 crayons (everybody has that box of crayons around, no need to buy new ones.  Kids don't care.) and wrap the paper around the crayons.  
Step 4:  Glue the package closed with rubber cement.
Step 5:  Tie off the ends with twine.

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