Monday, November 18, 2013

Kids' Table: Placemats

I have to admit that this post is inspired by my parents.  That is, I still sit at the 'kid table' which ranges from 2-40 and has two generations.  Last year my parents made it a lot more fun.  They used craft paper as a tablecloth and used sharpie to outline our place settings.  There were crayons in the middle of the table and we all colored on our 'plates'.  

I decided to make a table setting with only things I had around the house.  Including several paper grocery bags.  I wanted to make it all kid friendly and entertaining for the little ones.

I could make two placemats out of one grocery bag.  
Step 1:  Take off the handles of the grocery bag.
Step 2:  Cut along the length of the bag and cut the bottom off.
Step 3:  Cut the remaining rectangle in half for 2 placemats.
I kept the pinked top edge of the bag as the top of the placemat because I liked that look.

I painted 'thankful' on the top of all of the placemats.  I simply used watered down black puff paint because I was out of any acrylic paint!

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