Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Paper Goods

During my watercolor painting kick I got inspired and started to mix all of these fun fall colors.  There is an artist that I admire who is always sketching with black ink and then going back in to paint with watercolors.  I wanted to try out some of her method here.  I came up with some fall party paper goods with geometric shapes and a floral design.
Above are some food labels.  I just cut inside the gray lines and fold them over in the center.  This way your labels can be double sided and you can mix and match the floral with the geometric sides.

I always cut inside the gray outline here and tape two together with a toothpick in between as another food label.  Or you can hole punch it once at the top and another at the bottom and insert a straw and use it as a name tag for drinks!

Of course I had to have two different options for cupcake wrappers.  The background is a natural watercolor paper texture to give some interest to the fall or thanksgiving table scape.  To print off your own high quality pictures you can purchase them at my etsy site here.

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