Thursday, May 3, 2007

Last Weekend

So I had this plan for the past two years. It was to make a lot of money over the summer and not work while I was at school. The funny thing is that it has worked (sort of). So now, I have 100 bucks to my name and I still have to make it home in a week and a half and work at my summer job for 3 weeks before i get paid!

This is the time to get creative! I obviously have enough money to barely live on so what am I supposed to do with my free time? That's a good question.

This past weekend my boyfriend came to visit me, I love the kid but this created more of a dilemma. Now I not only had to find something fun for myself, but had to entertain a boy?!?! I could have crocheted all weekend and had a fabulously-free time.

I found myself Friday night with 6 kids in my room and the whatdoyouwanttodo batter came about. I hate that! We all sit around wishing we were somewhere else instead of enjoying each other's company.

So my boyfriend and I started to race in the hallways...I like to run sometimes. Then everyone came in the hallway and we tried to climb up all of the walls. We were having so much fun! I decided that we needed to make a towers Olympics. The dorm that I live in is called the Towers. Then we ended up playing sardines in the entire 12 floors of the dorm. We ended up having so much fun. It was free and we were enjoying each other's companies. It was a great friend memory I'll try hard to keep with me.

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