Thursday, June 21, 2007


I'm moving into a house with 4 of my most attractive girl friends. We are doing this in August and I have nothing to contribute to this house. I don't even have any furniture...well as of a week ago I had nothing. I've been telling everyone I know that I own nothing and would gladly take hand me downs and junk. My sister is gifting me a twin bed. A co-worker is gifting me a dining room table and 6 chairs!!!! Now that's a good co-worker!

I'm a silly girl who thought it was silly to measure the layout of the rooms before I left school and went home. I am regretting it now more than ever! I've been getting all of these books from the library about decorating and room makeovers done for cheap. I also splurged on the nice books that cater to the people with out boundaries and apparently have the most amazing, architecturally unique homes. Hmm... lucky them.

So I've been sketching out what I think I remember the house looking like and what I think I could do with the spaces. And dang-it, I'm excited. I hope to have some future blogs about how awesome my house is.

Soon I'll have to go goodwill savaging. Do you think it is bad to go to goodwill early in the morning to pick up what people left for them over night? Is that stealing? It's not exactly trash... I'll ask my dad, he'll tell me what's wrong and right.

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