Saturday, January 30, 2010

Project Runway Season 7 Episode 2

Burlap Sack Episode.

This episode was a great challenge.  PR needed to add some interest.  They know how we love the hard challenges!  We love to see our favorite candidates succeed and make something beautiful out of unconventional materials.

So in this episode the top three people were:

Amy, Jay, and Mila  Here is how they got there.

Amy:  They didn't show much of her in the show.  They did show Tim talking to her.  Tim like the way she was going.  We could only see the way the skirt was coming along, and I immediately liked it a lot.  It made the burlap light and had a lot of volume and movement.  Overall great job.  The final look on the runway was just the finished product no surprise that it looked great.  She used a dying technique  that looked great on the organic leaf shapes of the skirt.  She deserved to be in the top 3!  Way to go judges.

Jay:  We couldn't see much of his outfit when Tim came around because he had so much to do.  Tim warned him to be careful with his time.  I thought whatever he is doing it must be ambitious.  It paid off.  His dress was a standout even though he rushed to get it done and had trouble with the color of the skirt.    His technique of feathering the skirt made the audience forget that they were looking at burlap.  The dress looked young and 100% appropriate for a model to wear to a party.  His was a stand out.  He deserved to be the top three as well.

Mila:  Had issues from the get go.  Her model didn't want to work with her and chose to work with some one else.  I think Mila's confidence was shaken.  She spent the rest of the episode second guessing herself.  She then tried to make her client, the model, happy.  We all know this isn't always the best idea.  She ignored Tim's advice to ditch the trim that the model liked.  Her outcome was  a dress that looked futuristic and sophisticated, I guess.  I didn't like this look at all.  It was draping openly in the front and you could see her nipples!  Was this on purpose or just bad construction? They kept having to blur out the top of her dress.  I don't think it looked good at all.  I was not happy to have her in the top three at all. 

**Honorable mentions:  Anna, I just love her style and Maya.  I loved her look, very anthropologie looking and she didn't like her own dress very much at all.  What's wrong with her?

The bottom three:

Ping:  She started out as over confident.  It seems like she doesn't have enough experience with construction.  The slit up the back of the dress was TOO HIGH.  We all saw her model's butt.  YIKES.  It was just weird.  I would have offed Ping's butt.

Pamela:  Pam, Pam, Pam...Her taste is in question this episode.  As soon as I heard her say she was creating a bustier I knew it would be bad.  She tried this technique of dying the burlap and making it look like '90s faded denim.  It was gross.  She made this gross faded denim mini dress that was too short and tight.  the judges were being too nice to her.  They said it wasn't sophisticated, yet it was completely lacking taste.  I hated this!  She deserved to be in the bottom, but I would only kick her out after Ping.

Jesus:  Jesus fell into the trap of not quite doing the challenge correctly.  He sewed on ribbon in a beautiful way but you couldn't even tell it was burlap anymore.  That was not good.  I liked the front of the dress and thought it was good looking enough.  I didn't think he deserved to be in the bottom two.  But the back of the dress some of the ribbon detailing disappeared into the zipper which is weird.  This happened last week too!  It's not flattering!  Any how I thought he was fine and that there were worse contestants that squeaked by.

So the Winner was:   JAY  claps all around.  I love Jay, we are kindred spirits.

The Loser was:  PAMELA  I think she deserved to leave but I would have rather had Ping leave for her garment.

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