Monday, February 15, 2010

What I bought at work today....

I bought this awesome dress at work today.  It is a knit, grey and white striped dress with a little braided brown leather belt.  It just has a great airy feel.  It looks like a dress I'm going to want to wear every other day in the summer.  And here is the kicker.... $14.90!  I know, right!  First chance I get I'm wearing this with leggings and my sperry topsiders.
I also bought this shirt from our new Love 21 line.  Which is a more sophisticated look for forever.  I really like their items.  It is a soft woven breezy ruffle collar shirt.  I thought this shirt would look great with a pencil skirt.

Like this one...   The belt and necklace are vintage.  The skirt is an old Forever 21 item.  I'm in love.

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