Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blog Map

Here are some of my favorite blogs in relation to me.  Sometimes I want to go visit the towns that my favorite bloggers write in because they  write about their towns.  Sometimes I just want to move there so I can work for them.

Once Wed is in Atlanta, GA and they are looking for an intern...(I'm so sad it can't be me)

Liebemarlene Vintage is also in Atlanta, GA

Oh My Deer is in Nashville, and I really do just want to live there some day.

Wee Wonderfuls is in Chicagoland, IL, which I think just means she lives in suburbia.  Eh, so do I.

Elizabeth Dye is in Portland, OR.  We all know that  Portland is the coolest.  I would love to visit there!

Sally Jane Vintage is in Lancaster, PA.

Keiko Lynn is in Brooklyn, NY... so jealous.

A Beautiful Mess is in Springfield, MO.  I will visit her shop Red Velvet Art someday soon!

Indie Fixx lives in Delaware...sounds exotic.