Saturday, March 27, 2010

Martha O Martha

Easter is almost here... 

I was perusing THE Martha's website and found about a million ways to decorate eggs.  So I went through most of them and now are giving you the top 8. 

Starting from the top left corner:
1.  Confetti Eggs This involves a tradition of smashing hollowed eggs with confetti on your friend's heads for good luck.  This is an awesome tradition that may need to be started by me this year! 
2.  Tissue Paper Eggs
3.  Flower and Leaf Eggs
4.  Lace Eggs
5.  Botanical Eggs
6.  Paper Eggs
7.  Crepe Paper Eggs
8.  Stenciled Eggs
Conclusion, I must go on this website more often.  All hail Martha!
Have fun dying eggs this week!

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  1. You should come dye some with your nephews.